ScubaJam Virginia 
1754 Timberwood Blvd 
Charlottesville, VA  22911
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Details, Terms and Conditions:

  - Certificates of scholarship is redeemable by  any 
Dive Shop or Instructor
See our sponsoring Dive Shops.

  - Certificates can be redeemed by the recipient n
amed or a family member.

  - Reimbursement can be for instruction, materials 
and certification costs for any continuing education
 scuba course.

  - Reimbursement only from ScubaJam VA. 
1754 Timberwood Blvd, Charlottesville, VA 22911.

  - Certificate is redeemed by any Dive Shop or Instructor providing the educational service provided that the facility and the instructor(s) are current and authorized to teach by their certifying agency. 

  - Certificate with the reimbursement information must be fully completed and signed certifying compliance with the requirements herein and then the certificates should be returned to ScubaJam Virginia. 

  - Please note that the scholarship recipient must also sign signifying that the funds should be released to the Dive Shop or Instructor as indicated.

  - Please direct questions or comments to ScubaJam VA. 1754 Timberwood Blvd, Charlottesville,  VA 22911
 Scholarship Redemption is easy as 
            1. Fill out the back.
                    2. Take it to your local instructor or dive shop.
                            3. Choose and Enjoy your course!

 Labor Day Weekend
30 Aug - 2 Sep, 2019

Lake Phoenix, Virginia