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Want to try an ScubaMax Full Face Snorkel Mask?
During ScubaJam you will have an opportunity to use the full face snorkel mask.  You need not be a diver to enjoy this new item.  If you would like to try the Full Face Snorkel Mask just stop by the ScubaMax pavilion and check it and other great products out.

For those that have already signed up for the Full Face 
Mask demo it will be conducted Saturday starting at 9am.  
Please be on time if you wish to try this.

See the ScubaMax website for more information on all their products

ScubaJam Virginia 
1754 Timberwood Blvd 
Charlottesville, VA  22911
Fax - 434-964-9349

Event registration with Lake Phoenix is easy as: 
    1. Complete the on-line waiver; (Diver, Non-Diver or Dive Pro)
        2. Make Deposit or Full Payment On-Line.
            3. Review the Leaders Information Guide
                4. Come and have fun!!
1. Have everyone complete the on-line waiver. (Divers, Non-Divers or Dive Pro)  

If you think your coming fill out the waiver to provide us information to work with.  We understand that there are changes and we can work with you on these.

LEADERS PLEASE Download unit list (manifest) here, save to your desktop, fill in with Adobe Reader the individuals attending, save again and then email us the finished manifest. We will email you back who has not completed their waiver and we can get started on your registration items.
2. Make Deposit or Full Payment On-Line.
Event registration with Lake Phoenix is easy!  A pre-registration deposit of $250 is requested so that we can plan for this exciting event and ensure your group is added to the registration waivers.  We ask you and any attendees submit on-line waiver if you are thinking about coming to further assist us in obtaining planing information for this awesome time.  Please final payment by 18 August so that we can prepare packages and verify paperwork.  This will assist us in streamline your check-in the day of the event.  You can still make changes as to attendees and increase your unit size on arrival and by filling out additional on-line waivers as needed. Questions?  Just drop us an email.

What are the Event Fees? 

Unit Registration        $250
Scuba Divers             $170  
Non-Divers                 $110
Dive Professionals      $ 50

Checks for registration made out to Lake Phoenix LLC.
send to:    1 Quarry Lane, Rawlings, Virginia 23876
All registration payments are non-refundable.  
3. Review and disseminate Leaders Information Guide
​           ScubaJam Leaders Guide 
Event Registration at Lake Phoenix
4. Come and have fun!!
-  On-line waivers should be completed as soon as you think you may attend. 
-  PLEASE, Each individual MUST complete this prior to 15 August.
-  Parents or Guardians must sign a minor's, those under 18, release as well as the minor participant. 
-  Parents please watch the Lake Phoenix informational video with your child after the waver is complete, video start automatically.  
-  Having wavers completed in advance will speed the on site registration process.

Please Remember:
IF ATTENDING AS AN INDIVIDUAL please fill out waiver and make payment as individual.
Each individual, diver and non-diver, must complete an on-line waiver statement.
Each organization must have a qualified dive professional acting as the diving officer for the unit and the dive 
professional must complete a separate dive pro registration and release statement.

We will have various diving events and dives that will be supervised under recreational diving standards with appropriate certified and insured dive professionals. Participating Units must have a dive professional (divemaster or above) with their unit to be responsible for the general diving activities of the unit.  Such dive professional must be BOTH current with their certifying agency and insured.
ScubaJam entrance now includes meals to maximize your time for events!

Fri Evening Meal; Sat & Sun all three meals

Leaders can rent cylinders on site through Lake Phoenix, see the equipment request page.

- Save $
- Don't bring cylinders 
- Exchange no waiting on refills 

Sat, Sun & Mon cylinders for just  $40.00
 Labor Day Weekend
30 Aug - 2 Sep, 2019

Lake Phoenix, Virginia
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