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ScubaJam First Timer’s Guide
Designed for group leaders who are considering, or already going to, ScubaJam. Its goal is to answer any questions you might have and to prepare you for the event so that you can enjoy your time rather than wondering if you forgot something. If this guide doesn't answer all your questions, please email the author or webmaster.

It’s important to remember that all schedules are subject to change based on many events, such as weather, last minute cancellations, equipment problems, or anything else. Be prepared, have an open mind, and you’ll have a great weekend.

Leading up to the event
Most of the activities during the week are planned for you, so your preparation will be mostly about making sure your group is properly certified for the event, you have the proper gear (both Scuba and camping), and that you’re prepared for any downtime.

Makeup of the group
The events at ScubaJam are performed in buddy pairs/trios so there are no restrictions on the size of the group. Ideally you will have at least two youth but if you only have one, we’ll find someone for them to dive with.

While all youth groups and individuals are welcome ScubaJam follows the Boy Scouts of America’s Youth Protection policies, specifically requiring:
At least two adults lead the trip, at least one is a registered leader;
There are enough people to ensure there is no one-to-one contact between youth and adults; and
For venture crews, following rules regarding co-educational events
Your organization may impose other restrictions.
        Individuals will be placed with a group prior or on arrival to maximize your fun!

All your divers must be open water certified prior to the event, and their status will be checked upon registration. Please make sure that you will have proper documentation prior to the event as there are no facilities to look this information up online.

People have completed their certifications the day of the event (and performed quite well!) but that’s outside of the ScubaJam program. Additionally, you can use your time at ScubaJam to do additional training or certification dives, but again, that’s outside the ScubaJam program and additional waivers and manifest are required by Lake Phoenix

Divers who are rated as Junior divers must have an adult dive with them. In that case, the adult will not count as part of the buddy pair. That is, two junior divers would dive with one adult, but the adult would just supervise as the youth complete their underwater activities.

People who are not certified will not be able to participate in the underwater events, but can register as non-divers to participate in the camping experience and swim.

Local dive shop and divemaster
All groups should be affiliated with a local dive shop. Chances are you already have a place where you buy your equipment from or conduct training. If not check the list of sponsoring dive shops here.

Your group also needs to be associated with a divemaster or instructor that is present at the event. If your group is associated with a local dive shop that is also a sponsor, they will likely be having one or more dive professionals attending anyway.

If you have problems lining up a local dive shop, a divemaster, or want the Scuba Jam team to reach out to your local dive shop to inquire about sponsorship, email us at

ScubaJam does not provide any rental gear as part of the event.

You can contact your local dive shop or Lake Phoenix for any rental packages. Lake Phoenix usually runs a special on cylinder rental for the weekend, and also offers limited equipment rental on their website. You can also bring your own tanks or rent them from your local dive shop. We recommend you arrange your rentals well in advance of the event to make sure you have the gear reserved for you.

Air fills are provided as part of your registration for the event. Lake Phoenix handles the filling. You will be provided with a sticker during registration that will let you get your one cylinder marked with your name filled for free.

Bring your tanks to the dive shop to get them filled during shop hours. Signs will be posted indicating the cutoff for same day service, 16:00 for customer cylinders.  Rented Lake Phoenix cylinders for this event WILL NOT be exchanged so please plan accordingly.  Rented Lake Phoenix cylinders will be tagged and a name taped to the cylinder just as those that you may bring.  In this way diver and pros must plan air fills for service intervals, game and recreational dives.

Subject to availability and staffing, the event may have a drop off point for cylinders inside the chain during the events Saturday and Sunday; until the last event starts.  After that please bring the cylinders to the shop and enjoy your fun dives until you depart.  See your group leader and dive pro for more information on fun dives.

The Camping
Plan for a low key camping weekend. You will be directed to a section of the campground rather than a specific spot, and you may set up camp anywhere within that section.

Your registration comes with a non-serviced tent camping spot. If you want electricity or a fully serviced RV site, you need to arrange that with Lake Phoenix, there will be an extra charge paid directly to Lake Phoenix.

Lake Phoenix has some important restrictions to note:
Fires are only within designated fire rings and never unattended!
People making camp fires need to have a 5 gallon bucket with water near the fire ring. These are available at 
the dive shop, during their regular hours, after making a small deposit.
Quiet hours are 10pm to 8am

Firewood is available for those camping near a fire ring at Lake Phoenix at no extra charge.

There are port-a-johns at various locations and a central building with flush toilets and showers.

More information on camp sites can be found at at the Lake Phoenix web site on camping.

The registration process is easy and starts completing the waiver, each member in the group, divers and non divers are required to complete this.  Group leaders have a few more options within the waiver process to complete so we have a better idea how many are coming and general group information.  Select the Registration page to get started today!

Checking in
Please help us by ensuring all the waivers have been accomplished and the payments made.  With that check in is quick and painless starting 2pm on Friday.  When you check in we will ask for your dive certification card.  You will be given a few things that include the Tank ID for your air fills, Wrist Band and the all important Diver ID Card that will be surrendered each time you enter the water, event or not.  Additionally we will have a bag of goodies and T-shirts for all attendees.  Once you are through check in its time to go set up came and get ready for an awesome weekend!

Includes meals to maximize your time for events!

Friday Evening Meal, Saturday and Sunday Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

We take care of the logistics of food procurement, prep, storage, serving and cleanup for you and your group while you spend time in the water or other activities at Lake Phoenix.  

Food Service menu will be similiar to last year.  Please let us know of special needs well in advance.
Leaders can rent cylinders on site through Lake Phoenix, see the equipment request page.

- Save $
- Don't bring cylinders 
- Exchange no waiting on refills 

Sat, Sun & Mon cylinders for just  $50.00
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