ScubaJam Virginia FAQ FAQ
Q: Can an individual or group of less than 6 Youth register for ScubaJam?
Yes. If you are a small group of less than 6 youth divers or an individual, please contact ScubaJam at We can assist you with joining another small group and if needed, ensure you have a Dive Pro available for a safe diving experience. 
Q: Can the instructor for the unit do training dives at ScubaJam?
Yes. Although the event is primarily designed to allow youth divers to spend the weekend diving with friends as buddy teams, an instructor can do whatever training he/she chooses.  Training should not be scheduled the same time a ScubaJam event is scheduled.  All training must be coordinated with and manifest supplied to Lake Phoenix.  Extra fees may apply.
Q: Why does the participating unit have to have its own divemaster or instructor?
The unit must act to meet the responsibilities for the diving activities of its members. To meet the unit requirements of a responsible leader, that individual must be at least a Divemaster who is authorized by his agency to lead divers. Therefor the Divemaster or Instructor must be both current with his training agency and insured. They also ensure proper dive planning and execution of dives to include logging their dives and prep for the next.  
Q:  Will there be activities for non-divers?
Yes. Some non-diving activities will be possible, but this event is designed for divers. We want youth who are divers to have a weekend where the activities are focused on allowing them to participate as a certified scuba diver with their friends. Certainly non-divers are welcome and will find many of the surface activities fun and interesting; but again, the focus is on young divers going diving.
Q:  I don't have my own scuba equipment. Will I be able to rent some at Lake Phoenix? 
To ensure you have all the gear you need, please check with your local Dive Center. Some sponsoring Dive Centers may have a special ScubaJam package set up for the weekend. Keep in mind that most places will have a limited supply so contact them early to get info.  Additional gear rental may be available at Lake Phoenix; however, it is best to be prepared before arrival at the Lake

Remember- diving with our own Total Diving System makes you a more confident and safe diver. Also check out what  packages your dive center might have. There are affordable equipment packages available; all you have to do is ask.
Q:  Will there be a chance to do "Discover Scuba" or "Try Scuba"
ScubaJam is set up for already certified scuba divers.  However, please contact your local Dive Center to inquire about "Discover Scuba" activities as they may have an Instructor attending ScubaJam. All training must be coordinated with and manifest supplied to Lake Phoenix.  Extra fees may apply.
Q:  Can we add to our roster of participants after we register?
Yes. Additional youth and volunteers may be added (or names swapped) after registering. Additional charges will be applied accordingl. 

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